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Resident Support Program

Read all about our Resident Support Program or download our brochure to find out more.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Resident Support Program is to connect residents of Thies & Talle Properties to services and opportunities that enhance their housing experience and improve their quality of life.

How does this program work?

The Resident Support Specialist works with a variety of local service providers and resources to meet your needs. Collaborations between Thies & Talle Management and local services allow us to make netwrork referrals for you based on your personal prefernces. If you are interested in our services you can:

  1. Call 952-906-7219 to schedule a meeting or discuss your situation.
  2. Talk to your property management staff and they will send us your contact information.
Your meetings with our Resident Support Specialist will focus on connecting you to services that will help you achieve your goals

Program Purpose

Thies & Talle Management takes pride in providing the highest quality of housing. The pride we take includes outstanding service to all residents. We believe that offering residents opportunities in all aspects of their lives will improve our communities as a whole.

What type of referrals are available?

  • Emergency Assistance or Utility Assistance Programs
  • Personal Budgeting / Financial Education Programs
  • Parenting Resources and Education
  • Job Training / Employment Workshops
  • Family Conflict Resolution, Violence Prevention
  • Housekeeping / Home Care Resources
  • Healthcare or Mental Health Care Resources
  • Youth Programs and Workshops
  • Elder Care Support

How will it affect my housing?

Our Resident Support Specialist is dedicated to navigating through the various programs and resources available to you. The program is designed to be a benefit to our residents and empower each person to meet their personal objectives. The Resident Support Program is designed to:

  1. Enhance our residents' quality of life
  2. Promote housing success and stability
  3. Improve access to community resources
  4. Strengthen our communities and neighborhoods

Will the Resident Support Program affect my housing?

The Resident Support Program is designed to be a service for our residents to enhance their housing experience. Participation in this program is voluntary, but if you have violated the terms of your lease, you may be offered services to achieve lease compliance. However, your continued residency is dependant on your lease compliance and not on the services offered or provided.

What does the resident support program not do?

Resident Support Services staff will not:

  1. Give Legal Advice
  2. Give a health care diagnosis / directive to a resident
  3. Create a formal complaint against management or assist in the writing or reporting of a complaint

Improve you community

Do you have any ideas on how to improve your community? Please contact the Resident Support Specilist with ideas for:

  1. Commmunity Events
  2. Community Converstation, or Clubs
  3. Enhancement of a Community Feature
  4. Ideas for the larger Neighborhood

Meet your Specialist

Resident Support Specialist

470 West 63rd Street, Suite 260
Chanhassen, MN 55317



My name is Emily Cheesebrow and I am the Resident Support Specialist for Thies & Talle Management. I am excited to share with you our Resident Support Program. My mission is to assist in connecting residents to organizations that enhance their housing experience and connection to the greater community.

I graduated from Augsburg College with a BA in Communication with an emphasis in Urban Studies. My previous experience has been both in the Social Services and the Property Management field. I spent several years as an On Call Child Advocate with Ramsey County HouseCalls. At the same time, I began as a Leasing Specialist and was promoted to a Property Manager within Thies and Talle Management. My experiences have led me to this exciting opportunity to enhance your housing experience.

In my role at Thies & Talle as the Resident Support Specialist, I am excited to work with residents and our network of resources to promote housing success, improve access to community services and be a point of contact for ideas that create community in our larger neighborhood. The resources and services that I provide vary from help with emergency assistance to pay rent, to learning about the homework clubs in your area, or help with a job search. Since the program began, I have assisted in Head Start enrollment, worked with Wilderness Inquiry to host a canoe trip for resident families, and have facilitated assistance for residents working through difficult situations.