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Thies & Talle Vendor Network

Our vendors and service providers play a key role in the success of Thies & Talle properties. We believe strong business partnerships are mutually beneficial and essential for success.

What We Are Looking For

Thies & Talle Management is looking for service providers who want long term growth doing business with our company. The properties operate with a shared vendor and service provider list. Projects, service agreements and contracts are sometimes regional, but also have the potential to be companywide.

Competitive pricing, quality control and service

Thies & Talle Management operates within the highest standards of business ethics and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. We are committed to transparency and attracting vendors who demonstrate the following characteristics of thoroughness, accountability and sustainability. We want to create partnerships and lasting relationships.

Liability Insurance Requirements

A Certificate of Insurance showing proof of general liability coverage for all sub-contractors and workers’ compensation coverage for sub-contractors who have employees must be obtained from all vendors who will be doing any type of physical labor on-site. Vendors who supply merchandise only, or who perform services only off-site, do not need to submit a Certificate of Insurance.

Business Ownership Types

In order to be set up as a vendor we will need to know your business ownership type and depending on that a W9 would be required. 1099 Forms are sent to vendors that provide services and labor. If a vendor provides supplies, it is not necessary to issue a 1099. A federal Tax ID, or individual social security number may also be necessary depending on the services provided.

Past Performance

When evaluating a vendor for future projects, or renewing a contract past performance is always taken into account. Our system is designed to compare bids on an apple to apples basis and when proposals and pricing are similar, past work and recommendations would be taken into account.

Thies & Talle Management

The needs of the company and of the properties are evaluated on a quarterly basis by the management team. We look at contract renewals, capital needs and property performance to define our priorities for the future. We do not want you to go around in circles, directly soliciting with phone calls, emails, or location visits.