What are the Benefits of this Program?

Our Resident Support Specialist is dedicated to navigating through the various programs and resources available to you. The program is designed to be a benefit to our residents and empower each person to meet their personal objectives.  The Resident Support Program is designed to:

  1. Enhance our residents' quality of life
  2. Promote housing success and stability
  3. Improve access to community resources
  4. Strengthen our communities and neighborhoods

Will the Resident Support Program affect my housing?

The Resident Support Program is designed to be a service for our residents to enhance their housing experience. Participation in this program is voluntary, but if you have violated the terms of your lease, you may be offered services to achieve lease compliance. However, your continued residency is dependant on your lease compliance and not on the services offered or provided.


Resident Support Services staff will not:

  1. Give Legal Advice
  2. Give a health care diagnosis / directive to a resident
  3. Create a formal complaint against management or assist in the writing or reporting of a complaint