Welcome To Your New Home!

We want to make your home with us comfortable and enjoyable.  A pleasant living experience in a new area is based on cooperation, consideration, and understanding by you and your neighbors.

The purpose of this handbook and set of house rules is to familiarize you with your new home and surroundings, to help you understand more clearly your responsibilities as a resident, and to explain what you can expect from our staff at Thies & Talle Management, Inc.  Please read this handbook and the house rules carefully and keep it available for easy reference when you are in doubt about policies.  Non-compliance with these rules may result in you owing additional amounts to management and may be grounds for termination of your lease agreement.

Different apartment and townhome communities have different facilities and amenities.  Additional rules and policies may be posted by management in community rooms, laundry areas, or other common areas.  These rules may be changed from time to time and must, where they apply, be followed. 

 Thies & Talle Management, Inc. is the management agent for the owners and is authorized to accept service of process and to receive and give receipts for notices and demands.  Our staff is experienced and able to help you with any problem that may arise in your home. Please feel free to stop by the office for a visit or call if you have any questions.