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Winter is almost over! (hopefully)

Residents February 27, 2014
Here in the Midwest this has been a near record winter to live (suffer) through.  We have had over 50 days where the temperature was below freezing and most of those were below zero!   Add to it the 60+ inches of snow and you can see why the toughest people in the United State live here.  Ok fine, we all really wanted to run screaming to Florida or someplace in the Caribbean but there is no need to admit that to the masses who all think we are superhuman for living here. But now that it is warming up and spring is on the horizon let's not forget that when you are out there looking for a new apartment you should think about the winter you were just living through.  Having an outdoor parking lot in this state is no fun.  You have to go out 20 minutes early and start you car up so it will be warm, you have to scrape off the ice and snow and you have to hope that your parking lot has been plowed before you need to get off to work. Make sure when you pick your new place that you pick one with an indoor garage option.  It's always 70 degrees inside so you don't have to battle the elements to get your car warm and ready to that drive to work.   We may not be able to provide you with a quicker commute once you hit the highways on a bad winter day but we can promise you that you won't have to waste a half hour out in the freezing cold just to get into your car and battle your way to the office. We have over a dozen prime properties with heated, underground parking options for you.  Check them out today and make sure that next winter you stay warm! Indoor heated garage parking at Thies & Talle