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Two Minutes

Residents June 21, 2012
Two minutes…Realistically speaking, two minutes is such an insignificant amount of time, when considering the vast expanse of a lifetime.  However, these two minutes, a woman realizes with utmost certainty, have the power to change the rest of her life.  And who would have thought that this irreplaceable time span would be spent anxiously propped on the lid of a fretfully cold toilet seat.  As you fidget around the grooves of the your own porcelain waiting room,  you force yourself  to count the tiles on the bathroom floor, brush up on the proper way to wash, rinse, and repeat…anything to keep your eyes from wandering over to the countertop where that infamous stick of pee sits..Taunting you.  Those two minutes that once seemed so elusive have now passed by, and the moment has arrived.  Your hand quivers as you reach for that stick, knowing full well that this it, with no options for a do-over.  You take a deep breath, as all of your emotions, excitement, fear, anxiety, are all captured in that one quick inhale.  And there it is… PREGNANT…No chance for uncertainty…No blurred, faint line…Nothing to decipher.  In bold black letters, that one simple word has now changed every aspect of who you are and who you will become.  Life is no longer a selfish destination, where your wants are your primary concern.  No, life in now a complex journey, filled with laughter and tears, guilt and pride…but most of all, life in now growing inside of you.  And this miraculous moment has marked the beginning of your journey-the life altering obstacle course of motherhood. Motherhood is not simply a destination-a place that you attempt to get to; rather, motherhood is a never ending journey- one full of trials and tribulations.  This selfless journey begins from the moment of conception, and amid all of the twists and turns, continues even after those precious little gems begin families of their own.  And although there will be times (and maybe even years) when mothering may seem to be a thankless chore-one that offers no immediate gratification, the long term affects of actively mothering your children far surpass any other aspect that life may provide.  The day to day moments of childhood innocence present memories that will forever be etched in a mother’s heart.  It is here, in these unrehearsed sketches of childhood growth, that a mother uncovers the secret of life.  It is here, amid the sound of pure, genuine laughter, and soft gentle kisses, that the hurts and regrets of  the past quickly fade away, only to be replaced with a desire to live for today and hope for tomorrow.  And with each new day, endless opportunities to teach and to be taught arise.  It is here that a mother will teach her children right from wrong, and her children, in turn, will teach her how to love unconditionally.  Here, a mother will teach her children independence, and her children will teach her how to be dependable.  Finally along this amazing journey, a mother will teach her children the importance of family, and what really matters in life, and her children will teach her that she is what makes life matter. Two minutes…in the grand scheme of life is nothing but a blink of an eye.  However, for a woman two minutes away from motherhood, those two minutes may seem like an eternity.  As the seconds slowly tick by, she may find herself wishing away time, hoping to be able to trade her title in for that of mother.  And once that title is rightfully earned, and her journey of motherhood begins, that same woman who once wished away the minutes, will soon find herself wishing for more time.  Because as life goes by, the years of childhood innocence quickly become memories, and each passing moment becomes a priceless treasure for a mother who has watched her children grow.  And in the end, that mother will wish for two more minutes of eternity to spend with her children. By Shana Hudson