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Tonic Sol-Fa Holiday show in Burnsville

Residents November 17, 2012
Tonic Sol-Fa in Burnsville   Monday, December 10 7:30pm Although they are simply four voices and a tambourine, Tonic Sol-fa has spent considerable time on the road carving their niche as the nation’s top vocal group. In the midst of touring, this quartet has been named one of the top five “must see” groups in America, has been awarded numerous original song and album awards in pop, gospel and holiday genres, appeared on NBC’s Today Show and in the pages of Newsweek magazine. Outings with Jay Leno, Shawn Colvin, and Garrison Keillor have propelled album sales to more than 2,000,000 copies (mostly sold from the back of their trailer!) and have earned the group thousands of intensely loyal fans. Tickets are $32.00. Ticket prices include facility fees. Addtional service charges and handling fees may apply.