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The Team at Plymouth Ponds

Employees June 8, 2015
When a property has 200 apartment homes to manage, the staff finds out very quickly that one individual cannot do everything. At Plymouth ponds and at any community it is clear that without having trust and respect for fellow team members the group dynamic quickly falls apart. The team at Plymouth Ponds Apartments is an exemplary group of individuals that have come together to form one of the premier property teams at Thies & Talle Management. They truly live their team motto, that there is no “I” in the word team. A great example of the team at Plymouth Ponds Apartments living out their motto was the roll out of a brand new amenity to the property, free in home Wi-Fi. Free, in home Wi-Fi provides high speed internet access to all residents in their own homes. The implementation of the amenity presented new challenges to the staff. These new challenges were technical in nature and required clear communications to residents and prospective residents in explaining the features and benefits of the in home Wi-Fi internet. Just as is true with any new system, there is an adoption period when there is a rush of people who flock to sign up to use the service and unforeseen issues can and do arise. The staff at Plymouth Ponds was able to overcome the resulting increase in daily activity and ensured each individual resident was given the attention they needed to make the service successful. The Plymouth Ponds staff accomplished the Wi-Fi implementation just as they accomplish all of their goals, by working as a team. The staff has created a system of support for each other, so each was able to pick up where another staff member left off. The team has established a system to work together by assigning an individual focus and task based on the experiences and strengths of each individual. The team meets regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page and as a group, they execute a plan of action through targeted coordination while never losing site of the number one priority, the residents. As the result of this strategy, 100% of the residents are signed up and enjoying the Wi-Fi internet service. Thies & Talle Management is very grateful to have this wonderful team and without them Plymouth Ponds Apartments would not operate as successfully as it does today.