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The secrets to cooking that Christmas Turkey

Residents December 19, 2012

how to cook the perfect turkey   Is it your first time having the family over for the big holiday dinner?  Are you afraid to put that 20lb monster turkey in the oven for fear that you are going to overcook it and have it come out dry?  We are here to take some of the mystery out of this process and get you to the table with a tasty piece of poultry.  The video below that we found on YouTube goes over some of the basics that you need to know in terms of getting the turkey ready for the oven and how to monitor that it is cook to the perfect point of doneness.   One note is that you do not have to use the stuffing they show you here.  I would recommend that you do not stuff the bird at all.  It will cook faster and more evenly.  You still want to monitor the temperture and pull it our right when it says 165 degrees.  Do not let it stay in longer than that or you will end up with that sad and dry turkey :(  If you do want to have stuff make it in a seperate pan.  One recipe that we highly recommend you try is this cornbread stuff from the Food Network website