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The Ice Castle at the Mall of America

Residents January 7, 2013
ice castle at mall of america   For the first time ever the Mall of America is presenting The Ice Castle.  With tours daily up until February 20th this is a must see attraction in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  And you should probably plan on your wife dragging you through Ikea while you are there as well ;) Unlike typical ice structures that are built with ice blocks, the Ice Castle is made of icicles organically grown from 4 million gallons of water and then fused together. The castle will join 50 large ice towers together to create a series of shimmering archways, tunnels, walls and caverns. In the center courtyard looms the largest frozen tower, reaching more than 30 feet high. Latticed icicles connect the icy columns to the tower, creating roomy caverns. Inside the Ice Castle, there will be several “Throne Rooms” with a chair large enough sit several people. At night, the castle will take on a magical look as thousands of LED multi-colored lights illuminate the ice from within. Expected Closing Date: Feb. 20 Hours Open: Mon. – Fri. noon to 10pm Sat. 11am- 10pm Sun. noon to 7pm Ticket Prices: Adult (13 years and older) – $10 Child (3 to 12 years old) – $5 You can get more information on the Mall of America website