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Take a day off for a "stay-cation"

Residents July 29, 2013

  Be a tourist for a day on that staycation!  So you've decided to stay put this vacation season? Still plenty to do…and no reason you can't act like a tourist for a day. shh…your secret is safe with us!  Some fun things to do in St. Paul:   Take a trip to the past and see how the other half lived by visiting the Julian H Sleeper house This guy was not only a successful entrepreneur, real estate speculator and theatrical promoter, he was also a bit of an eccentric. Who else is crazy enough to move his house to another address so he can link it up with two other buildings conjoined by underground tunnels? COOL.   It is also a museum holding collections of decorative art from the Guilded Age ( 1865-1899 ).  So you can check out a piece of history AND be inspired for that living room redesign you've been toying with in your head! win-win! After all that perusing on how the other half lived, you will have worked up quite an appetite, so why not head over to the iconic 'Mickey's Diner"? One of the first diners build in the Art Deco style, it's been serving up juicy burgers and extra thick shakes 24 hours a day since 1939!  Not only has it been around since the 40's (!!!)  but it's also been featured in several Hollywood films and music videos. Yes, you can enjoy a burger, Mickey's famous bean soup, and a black cherry ice cream float in the diner featured in The Mighty Ducks, (the Schwarzenegger tour de force ) Jingle All The Way and a Pet Shop Boy's music video!   Suddenly being a tourist in your own hood doesn't seem so dorky now does it?