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Stefani Dobbelaire – Compliance Manager

Employees December 18, 2018
At Thies & Talle Management, we have a philosophy of hiring strong candidates and allowing them to grow within our company.  Stefani Dobbelaire is a great example of this philosophy. In July of 2013, Stefani started at Thies & Talle Management as a Property Manager.  Prior to this, Stefani held management positions at a local theater, restaurant, & big box retail store.  During her tenure as Property Manager at Abbey Field Apartments, Stefani learned and understood the importance of organization, communication, and good business etiquette.  Stefani used those skills to complete tasks quickly, efficiently, and proactively.  Stefani revealed that she had the ability to prioritize and schedule herself additional time to stay ahead of whatever was thrown her way.  Stefani also continually worked to grow her property management education level by attending COS Training Classes where she passed with over a 90% score on her COS Certification test & also obtained her STAR Certification with Rural Development. As Stefani continued to exhibit her ability and understanding of affordable property management, she was asked to assist with file inspections at Afton View, Elk Ridge Manor, Woodview Apartments, Cedar Terrace, North Mora Estates and Woodcrest Manor.  Stefani also helped during file audits at the Thies & Talle Corporate Office in Chanhassen, MN.  Stefani has helped with Document Management training and compliance training at past events and classes.  Additionally, Stefani was asked to help train new Property Managers with the hope that she would instill in them not only her vast knowledge of company policies & procedures, but also to give them the head start of having a great skill base of organization, communication, & efficiency.  She enjoyed what she was doing, but yearned for more of a challenge and ultimately, more responsibility. In March of 2018, a compliance position became available at Thies & Talle Management.  Because of the hard work, dedication, knowledge, continued education and understanding of affordable property management, Stefani’s name was immediately thought of to fill the position.  Lucky, for Thies & Talle Management, Stefani said yes! As a Compliance Manager, Stefani will be able to take her skills and experiences to a whole new level and assist with even more projects and training opportunities. Are you interested in growing your career at Thies & Talle Management?  Please check out our open positions at