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Spring Training Meeting

Events March 24, 2016

IMG_1255[1] On Tuesday March 15, 2016 Thies & Talle Management held a spring training meeting in Grand Rapids, MN.   Staff members came from a variety of different areas including; Duluth, the Iron Range, Fargo, St. Cloud, and Michigan. The featured presentation of the day was from the Northland Counseling Center, located in Grand Rapids, MN.  Northland Counseling Center Inc. is a nonprofit, Community Mental Health Center established in 1959, servicing communities in the counties of Itasca and Koochiching.  The presenters from Northland Counseling Center were Audrey Moen a housing case manager that deals with supportive and permanent housing programs, Karolyn Teeters who is the contact person for case management and Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) workers, & Brandi Worrath who provides counseling services for clients with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.  The presenters covered a variety of topics including the services that the Northland Counseling Center offers, different community organizations Thies & Talle Management staff members can reach out to, the importance of properly dealing with issues of mental health, and how to utilize techniques used in Dialectic Behavior Therapy. After the featured presentation from the Northland Counseling Center, Thies & Talle staff members took over to introduce, refresh, and review a variety of different topics with the staff members in attendance.    These topics included; using the Real Page Mobile Facilities Android App, prospect tracking, outreach marketing, monthly OneSite property reviews, monthly compliance reviews, an overview of the quarterly & annual performance review process and time sheet tracking.

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