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Spiderman to the rescue!

Residents March 15, 2016

There are several lessons to be learned from a potentially disastrous event that took place at Plymouth Ponds Apartments on October 4th, 2015.  First, never leave candles or any burning objects unattended and never empty ashtrays into the wastebasket, or use a wastebasket for an ashtray.  Second, super heroes exist, for evidence read the heroic story of our own friendly neighborhood Spiderman Urias Jah in the Star Tribune article Spiderman to the Rescue as Plymouth Teen Climbs Building to extinguish Fire.

Plymouth Assistant Fire Chief Matt Nordby recommended Jah for the Citizens Award after he learned of Jah’s feat to assist with extinguishing a deck fire that could have spread quickly. “I don’t know how he did it and did it with an extinguisher,” Nordby said. After all precautions were taken to ensure the fire was out, Assistant Fire Chief Nordby and each of his crew members shook Jah’s hand and thanked him.

Such heroics deserved recognition, said Nordby. “So many lives are affected and changed by a simple apartment fire, between the smoke damage and the water damage and people being displaced,” Nordby said. “He saved us a lot of work. But mostly, he made an impact on the residents there so they were able to stay in their apartment that night.” More than 200 people live in the Plymouth Ponds apartments.

Plymouth Public Safety Director Mike Goldstein presented 17-year-old Urias Jah of Plymouth Ponds Apartments a Citizens Award on March 3.  The City of Plymouth annually recognizes several residents and police officers for heroic and helpful acts within the city, some resulting in the saving of a life.  Thank you Urias Jah.

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