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Smart Holiday Shopping

Residents September 10, 2012

I love it when around the beginning of September, I tell people I’m already about halfway done with my holiday shopping. It’s like I’ve suddenly sprouted horns, immediately followed by angel wings and a halo – and it’s true. I discovered years ago that not only did I spend considerably less money if I started shopping in the summer months, but I was also much happier when the holidays came around – both because I was not in a last-minute-shopping panic, and my bank account wasn’t flattened.

It all started one July when I found the PERFECT gift for my sister. Not only was it perfect, it was half price! Since her birthday had been in the spring, I decided I just had to get it for her, and hang on to it until the holidays  - after all, it would still be amazing in a few months! I decided since I was already storing one present, I might as well keep my eyes out for everyone on my list. Then I noticed that a lot of stores clearance out a lot of merchandise after 4th of July. And when I started actually looking for things with that in mind, I think I spent about 35% less overall on my holiday shopping which is huge!

I hit the jackpot at the sporting goods store for my dad and brother, and I discovered that Target clearances out about half of their toys in the summer to make room for the new toys for the holiday season, so the nieces and nephews were covered! That left me with plenty of time to stew over what to get for mom (she’s always the hardest to shop for) and I was totally done with all of it way before the words Black Friday were uttered.

If that sounds like your kind of shopping, make your lists now, and start watching for those sales! Then when the holidays come around you can spend more time doing what you’re supposed to  -  spending time with family at home, going to ugly sweater parties and cookie exchanges with your friends, and enjoying the holiday spirit!