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Plymouth Ponds has a new dog park

Residents November 14, 2013
plymouthpondsdogparkweb Plymouth has a new dog park!!! Finally a chance to get out of your boring dog walk routine!!! Walks so our precious canines can "do their business" are fine, but what about some doggy fun time? A dog park is like Disney for these four-legged family members! They get to run around and you don't have to worry.  They get to hang out with other dogs…sniffing away to their heart's content!  Also we can pretty much guarantee even just an hour at the park will have your pup happily sleeping when you are. All tuckered out! But before you get there, some basic things to remember: Dogs must be healthy! maybe you're a brand new owner? Make sure your dog is fully  immunized, de-wormed, and wearing ID tags. All dogs must be accompanied by an adult. For this park that means anyone over the age of 16. So keep that in mind if your child or someone under that age offers to take them. Got a smaller pup? under 20 lbs? No problem we've got you covered in the Small Dog area. Always bring extra bags, and not just for the obvious reasons. Park etiquette means you need to leave the park as clean as it was when you got there.  This also includes filling back in any holes your dog might dig. Bring a strong and dependable leash.(one per dog) Even though they are free to run and roam without in the confines of the park, the first sign of aggression towards other dogs means you need your dog to go back on that leash.  We don't want anyone's dog park experience less than outstanding!  Some owners are so used to their dogs not being around other dogs that you truly don't know your dog's behavior around others until you're in the thick of it, so it's always best to be prepared. You can check here: for a complete list of rules and regulations.  Most importantly, go have fun watching your dog run around and have a blast!!   Go check out Plymouth Ponds now for your renting with pet needs