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Thies & Talle wins at MADACS 2015

Residents September 30, 2015
madacs IMG_0569The Minnesota Multi Housing Association acknowledges the MADACS awards as the most honored award given in recognition of superior contributions to the multi housing industry. The purpose of the MADACS awards is to recognize owners and associates who have made significant contributions to multi housing marketing and management through exemplary achievements. The annual MADACS awards gala is the most popular, prestigious event on the Minnesota Multi Housing Association's calendar and celebrates positive, innovative, community and industry-enhancing accomplishments. Thies & Talle Management, Inc. is honored to have been awarded three MADACS Awards in 2015.  Congratulations to the staff at Woodmount Townhomes for a MADACS in the category of Property Excellence: Affordable and also to Thies & Talle Management, Inc. for awards in Social Media Outreach and Resident Communication Piece: Print Brochure.
PROPERTY EXCELLENCE: AFFORDABLE WOODMOUNT TOWNHOMES THIES & TALLE MANAGEMENT, INC. Property Excellence refers to overall operation of a property including physical plant, occupancy, financial performance and resident satisfaction. madacs2
RESIDENT COMMUNICATION PIECE RESIDENT LIFE PAGE BROCHURE THIES & TALLE MANAGEMENT, INC. The Resident Life Page Brochure was developed to meet the growing trend in internet accessibility inform our residents about their own easy-to-navigate online gateway to the property that complements their lifestyle and enhances their community experience. We call this gateway of portals the Resident Life Page.  The online portals we provide are optimized for any devices, so residents can quickly access the portal with smartphones and tablets in addition to their desktops and laptops. Residents can securely pay rent, submit service requests, reserve amenities and even renew leases at their convenience. madacs3
SOCIAL MEDIA OUTREACH THIES & TALLE MANAGEMENT, INC. KICK-UP LAB In 2015 Thies & Talle Management set out to create a social media outreach site, dedicated to engaging job seekers in today’s forum, the Internet.  The concept was to strongly encourage qualified applicants to apply for a posted position through the inclusion of social tools that allow job seekers to share job descriptions, ask questions directly to Human Resources and facilitate the application process.  We also set out to post relevant content about Thies & Talle, so prospective applicants could learn more about what the company offers, so we could bring highly motivated and prepared applicants to the interview table. madacs4