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Get those pesticides off of your fresh fruit and vegetables

Residents April 9, 2013

  These days there are many ways to pick up organic fruit from your local grocery stores but they are typically 50% more than your non-organic choices.  So what are you going to do if you are on budget and don't have that extra money to spend every week to go organic.  There are a number of excellent choices out there for "fruit and vegetable washes".  Here is a link to try one Karmalades but if you do a search on Google you will many excellent choices.   These products can take off the pesticides you don't want on your food without having to spend all that money every month going organic. We also wanted to spotlight a cool idea from Norwex that is a simple wash cloth that cleans off your fruit and veggies.  We've got a video here for you to check out as well that shows off how cool it is.