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Creative and easy ways to get more space in your bathroom

Residents September 12, 2013
Need to spiff up your bathroom? or maybe you think you just don't have enough space to do anything different? Trust us, you DO!!!!     Inspiration is everywhere!    Look for tips from the world around you….where to store your hair dryer/curling iron/straighteners? Why not do what your hairstylist does? install holsters on the side of your vanity!   You can certainly go to the fancy schmancy container stores but make sure you google and pinterest before you shell out the big bucks. there are tons of easy peasy diy solutions that may surprise you!!   want to get rid of that cd rack? hold on!!! install it in your bathroom:           other great space savers are sliding storage drawers under the sink….and rolling your towels instead of folding them for optimal storage!     and of course, there are literally hundreds of ways to store your toilet paper…get fancy!!!       Don't be discouraged…we live in an age where the answers are literally right at your fingertips. Get inspired!!!