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A Tribute Song to The Meadows

Residents April 21, 2015
Thies & Talle would like to extend a thank you to our Meadows resident Gale Drewry for writing this beautiful song in tribute to his experience living at The Meadows in Lewistown, Montana.  Gale is 78 years old and a Montana native.  In his earlier days was a touring musician who eventually settled back in Montana to raise his family.  A true cowboy who grew up in a Montana that few people remember today but that Gale keeps alive with his rich catalog of songs about his home state. As Gayle says in his song "Meadows": "Here in the middle of Montana, with the mountains all around, people are friendly in Lewistown, now Meadows is where I call home".   We are happy you chose to live here as well Gale. [embed][/embed] main street lewistown