Vacating Your Home

Your lease agreement states the notice period required in the event you intend to move.  This notice is required in writing, given at the management office, and is necessary in order that the management may market the unit to a new resident.  During the notice period, after a notice to vacate is given, your lease requires you to reasonably cooperate with management’s efforts to show the unit to prospects.  A failure to give management reasonable entry to show and market the unit is a violation of your lease and could make you responsible for management’s lost rents and damages for inability to rent the apartment when you vacate.

Individuals called to active duty for more than 90 days have the right to terminate a lease provided the lease was entered into before entering active duty and the leased premises were occupied.

If a resident is called to active duty, they must provide the management with a written copy of their military orders.  With this written notice, the resident may move out thirty days after the first date on which the next payment is owed. (For example, one full month through the end of the following month without penalty.)  

Upon receipt of your notice to vacate, you will receive a letter from us that includes guidelines for cleaning and information about possible damage charges.  It is a requirement of your lease, and these rules, for you to follow the steps in the cleaning guidelines, and any other move out instructions, to receive the full return of your security deposit.  Failure to clean, or to remove all trash, personal property, and debris, or damages beyond ordinary wear and tear or missing property, is a basis for charges to your deposit.  You must continue to pay all utilities that are your responsibility under the last date of your responsibility under the lease.  Any unpaid utilities, or other charges owed under the lease, are grounds for deduction from your deposit.  Approximately two weeks prior to vacating, a preventative maintenance inspection will be completed.  Please notify the office of when you wish to schedule the final inspection/checkout.

Reminder:  Your lease terminates at noon on the last day of the month.  Therefore, you must have vacated the apartment by that time.  Failure to comply will result in overtime charges and payment to management of any other damages or costs incurred.

At the time of checking out, ensure that all rent and other charges due have been paid.  All keys, garage passes, parking permits, etc., must be turned into the property manager.  Failure to return these will result in a $35.00 per item minimum charge, unless otherwise stated in your lease or in the property’s guidelines for cleaning and damages.  It is your responsibility to notify the electric and phone companies of your departure and have them stop your service.  You are responsible for utility charges to your unit through the last date of lease responsibility, even if you move before that date.

During the final inspection, notes will be made regarding any cleaning or damage that is needed and may require additional repairs/costs.  These amounts will be charged against your security deposit.

Per state law, “The Resident’s Security Deposit cannot be used for the last month’s rent.  [Residents] who attempt to use the security deposit for the last month’s rent may be taken to court and may have to pay the landlord the amount of the rent withheld plus a penalty.”

Your security deposit will be processed and forwarded to you as per state law.  You must provide our office with a forwarding address to expedite your security deposit.  If you lived at a Minnesota property, your Certificate of Rent Paid will be forwarded to the noted address at the end of the year.

Thank you for your residency!  We hope that you have enjoyed your time with Thies & Talle Management and please let us know if we can assist you in the future.