Moving In


Rent is due on or before the first day of each month.  No future-dated checks will be accepted. 

Please make the check or money order payable to the name of your apartment community and insert into the rent deposit box or give to appropriate office personnel.  Credit cards and online payments are also accepted, as well as automated bank debits.  To ensure proper credit, make sure your apartment number is indicated on the check.  Rents mailed in should be sent to the office addressPayments received after the tenth day of the month must be in cashier’s check or money order.

Rents not received in the rent deposit box by 5:00 p.m. on the 5th of the month will be considered late and late fees will be charged accordingly.  ALL payments made after the 10th MUST be in money order or by credit card ONLY.

By paying your rent by check, please be aware that you are authorizing the property to use the information on your check to make a one-time electronic payment from your checking account.  The electronic payment will be for the amount indicated on your check and may be withdrawn from your bank account as soon as the same day the payment is received.  Please note that your check will not be returned by the financial institution but will instead appear under the “electronic items” section on your bank statement.  If you have any questions, or choose not to have your check converted into an electronic document, please contact the management office.

If your check is returned from the bank, or dishonored for any reason, the standard late fee  provided in your lease will be added to your account.  You will also be charged a service fee of $30.00, unless otherwise stated in your lease. If any household has two (2) returned checks during the course of residency, all payments from there forward must be made in money order or credit card form only.


The lease is a contract obligating all parties to the terms and conditions listed.  On the day you and management sign your lease, you are given a copy.  Please read through it carefully and ask the management staff about anything that you do not understand. This handbook along with all other addendums are considered part of your lease.  Please note that you are required to give written notice to vacate within the proper notice period stated in your lease.  You cannot just move, even when the initial term of your lease ends, without giving proper written notice.


Individuals moving personal property into the building must do so between the hours of
8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.  Controlled access doors are not to be propped open.  Building entry doors, and interior fire doors, may not be left open unless there is a responsible person actively monitoring the door.  Doors are to be kept closed when not in actual use for moving to prevent access by pets, rodents, animals, and waste of building utilities. Violators will be charged a $25.00 violation fee, unless otherwise stated in your lease.  Vehicles and carts or moving dollies may not be parked or moved across the grounds.  Any damage done to building grounds by moving equipment, or any vehicle, will be charged to you and this is a violation of your lease.


Individuals, other than those named on your lease, that are living or regularly staying at your unit are prohibited.  This is a violation of your lease.  Residents may not allow other persons to use their apartment, or the premises, or receive mail, packages, or other purposes without Management’s prior written consent.  To comply with Thies & Talle’s occupancy policy, guests may not stay longer than three days within any 10-day period.  If you expect to have guests stay with you longer, you must notify the office and get prior approval.

Your lease prohibits any business use and any subletting.  Residents are expected to have guests that are social and familial acquaintances, but no sharing, barter or subletting of the apartment (no Airbnb or similar) for any consideration is permitted.  Evidence that mail or any package has been received at the property by a person not named as an authorized resident or occupant on your lease is a breach of your lease.  Management reserves the right to give any mail or package carrier direction to refuse to provide delivery service to any recipient name that is not an authorized resident or approved guest or occupant.  Only persons identified as residents on the lease shall be issued certificates of rent paid per Minnesota statutes.  If there will be a change in your household, please notify the office before the change occurs.  Children born, adopted, or placed with your household during the lease term should be added to your lease.  Please notify management of any additional person, including newborn children. 

If one member of a household wishes to move, you must notify the office for approval.  If the household is in good standing, and any remaining residents have sufficient income and credit to qualify the remaining resident to be approved as the lease holder without the credit and income of the departing roommate, the roommate may be released from the lease.  However, a Release of Liability and Security Deposit form must be completed prior to a roommate moving off the premises.  This form must be signed and dated by all roommates.  Potential new roommates are required to complete our standard application process and be approved by management PRIOR to moving into the apartment.  If one member of the household moves but others remain, the security deposit will stay with the unit until the lease terminates and the unit is vacated.  Roommates agreeing to household changes or the departure of a roommate are expected to make arrangements, at the time the roommate moves, to handle the security deposit amongst themselves.  Management is never obligated to return, or account for deductions from, the deposit until the Lease is terminated with proper notice and the unit has been vacated.


Prior to occupying your new apartment, a move-in inspection report stating the condition of your apartment will be completed by yourself and a member of the management staff.  At this time, any deficiencies will be noted and placed in your file.  This report will provide a written record of noted items and is aimed at avoiding any misunderstandings at the time of move out.  The statements of condition on the move-in report made by any single member of the resident’s household will be binding on all residents. 


Management does not provide, guarantee, or warrant security.  Management does not represent that your unit or the rental community is safe from criminal activities by other residents or third parties.  Residents are responsible for their own personal security and that of their household, children, and property.  If you observe any suspicious activity or potentially unsafe conditions, please notify management.  If illegal, immediately dangerous or unsafe conditions are observed, or if a potential crime is suspected, call 911 first.


Because safety is an important aspect of rental housing, all residents are expected to exercise common sense in and about the premises.  Post local police and fire department numbers, as well as other emergency medical numbers, near your telephone and familiarize members of your household and your family with the safety features of the premises and the location to go for severe weather warnings.

Residents are required to keep individual unit doors closed and doors should be locked at all times.  Never open the door to your apartment to any person you do not know.

Most of the properties operated by Thies and Talle Management have a controlled access door system.  It is prohibited to give any person who is not an authorized resident on your lease, or an approved authorized occupant, a key or access materials to the building or your apartment.  When coming and going from the building, do not allow any person access to the building with you.  Even persons you might recognize as guests of another household might not be welcome guests on any given day.  If you are uncomfortable stopping or preventing a person from following you into the building, please notify management as promptly as possible after the entry occurs.


Management carries casualty insurance on the building where you live. Please note that this policy does not cover any loss or damage to your personal possessions, or your loss of use, temporary lodging, or moving costs, if your apartment or personal property is damaged by any casualty.  If you, or one of your guests, is injured at your apartment, management’s insurance may not provide medical expenses or damages.  If you are sued for any accident or injury, caused by you or any member of your household, or any animal you own, management’s insurance will not pay to defend you or pay any damages you owe.

Residents, their household members, children, or animals, that cause accidents or damage to the property, such as water damage caused from a tub overflowing, leaving a window open and allowing pipes to freeze, or fire or smoke damage caused by resident accident or inattention, may result in you owing money to Management, and other residents, for the damage you cause.  A renter’s insurance policy will provide liability coverage to protect you against such accidents.  Without such insurance, you will be responsible under your Lease for damages to the building, to Management and other residents.

Reasonably priced insurance policies are available from many insurance agencies.  These policies can provide coverage to you for damages to your property, loss of use and moving expenses, and defense and liability coverage.  Residents are strongly encouraged to obtain “renter’s insurance” or similar insurance coverage to protect their personal property and persons against loss, damages, injuries, and casualty.

NOTE:  Residents with waterbeds must provide a copy of their insurance policy naming the apartment community as an additional insured.


Upon installation of your telephone, please inform the office of your new telephone number so that it can be programmed into the entry system.  Management does not warrant that any building entry system will be compatible with the individual phone or service that any resident may have.

Names of residents will not be released to anyone without specific instructions to the management.

Although we do not wish to be inhospitable, we cannot assume the responsibility of determining at face value who would or would not be welcomed by a resident.

Instructions for using the entryway system were included in your move-in packet.  Please let our office staff know if you require an additional copy.


Keys to the entrance door, apartment, storage locker (if applicable), and mailbox, as well as any parking/garage items, will be distributed to the resident.  All keys are to be returned to the office upon vacating the apartment.  There is a $35.00 minimum charge for each item not returned or reported lost or stolen, unless otherwise stated in your lease.  Building and apartment keys may not be duplicated or given to non-leaseholders.  If you need an additional copy of a key for another reason, please contact the management office.

State and local fire codes prohibit the installation of separate keyed locking devices on apartment entry doors other than those that are approved/installed by the management staff.  Residents are not permitted to alter any lock or other attachments (chains or bolts) on the door or mailbox.  No alarm, security, or home monitoring system may be installed or used without management’s prior advance consent. 


As a courtesy, management may accept mail or packages on the resident’s behalf in the office.  The resident will be informed of any packages and must pick them up within 48 hours of notification.  Management is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.

Residents are warned and advised that any valuable or confidential mail or package, high value item, confidential financial or medical information, prescription drugs, or similar mail or parcel you expect to be delivered to you should be sent with strict instructions by you to not be delivered unless you can personally receive and sign for the mail or package.  Management is not responsible or liable for any delivery of mail or packages left by the USPS, or any carrier service, in the management office.