To request maintenance, please notify the office and indicate the item that needs to be repaired or replaced.  If the office is closed, please place your written request in the office drop box.  Our goal is to provide 24-hour or next business day service, parts permitting.

Please note that by placing a work request with the office, you are granting consent for maintenance and are receiving notice that entry to your apartment will occur for maintenance purposes whether or not you are home.  If your schedule presents a conflict (need to call first, only after a certain time, etc.), please let maintenance or the office know the time frame that the work order can be completed.

Generally, there is no charge for repairs and maintenance.  However, if the repair is deemed to be misuse (including failure to follow the rules and guidelines of this handbook) or beyond normal wear and tear, the resident will be assessed the cost of repair, parts and labor.


Preventive Maintenance

Management endeavors to conduct preventive maintenance inspections twice a year.  The smoke detector, plumbing, and electrical will be checked.  The general condition of the carpet, vinyl, and apartment will be noted.  This is a good time for you to bring any maintenance or service requests to management’s attention.  Any repairs that are noted will be either (a) addressed and repaired at that time, or (b) scheduled for a future date.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Lease Compliance

Periodic inspections are also conducted to determine that resident households are in compliance with the terms of the lease and the provisions of this resident handbook.  Any deficiencies noted in an inspection with regard to housekeeping, sanitation, or care and maintenance of the unit in accordance with this handbook may be a basis for noting deficiencies that residents must correct, or for lease enforcement up to and including termination of lease, eviction, or non-renewal.  If deficiencies are noted in the conditions of any unit, management reserves the right to conduct re-inspections in addition to taking action to enforce the lease and/or terminate the lease.  Failure to cooperate with management’s inspection program is a breach of your lease and these rules.

City and State Housing Authorities/HUD Inspection  (If Applicable)

Based on local and state housing or code requirements, your apartment may be inspected periodically by a local or state housing agency/HUD officer, or local code official, including a staff representative, the Thies & Talle property manager, and the maintenance personnel.  This inspection is to ensure that the management company, as well as the apartment complex staff, is maintaining the property.

 Pre-Move Out Inspection

During the notice period, after resident or management has given notice to vacate, management shall be entitled to conduct a pre-move out inspection for purposes of determining any items of repair, maintenance, or potential renovations or replacements that might be necessary in the apartment to ready the apartment for a future tenant.  At individual properties, management may allow or make arrangements with residents, on their vacate date, to conduct a move out inspection and advise residents of any additional cleaning, or damage beyond ordinary wear and tear, or charges for replacement, that may be assessed against resident on resident’s security deposit.  Management is not obligated to allow resident to participate in a move out inspection, and move out inspections may not be offered or available at some rental communities, or based on management’s availability and scheduling during end-of-the-month move out times.