General Building Rules


This building is only as safe as you make it.  Close and lock your doors at all times.  Outside doors to the building and garage must remain closed and secure.  Any patio or balcony door should be kept locked and secured when you are in the unit unless the patio or balcony is in use.  Patio doors are not designed or intended to be used in lieu of building or apartment entrance doors.  Patio doors should always be secured and locked when you are not home and/or are not using the patio or balcony.  Do not allow strangers or residents’ guests access to the building while you are entering or leaving the building.  If you see any activity or loitering that looks suspicious, please contact the office, the police, or call 911 at once.

Bicycles, toys and other personal property must not be left on the grass, sidewalks, and stairways, or in the hallways.  Building and fire codes prohibit leaving any personal property, including items like rugs, boot trays, or shoes, in common area hallways.  Management is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items.

It is not acceptable to loiter, or to obstruct sidewalks, stairways, hallways or general access areas.  Hallways and common areas are for people coming and going into the building.  Loitering, blocking these areas, or having conversations or making noise that unreasonably interferes with the use or enjoyment of an adjoining apartment is a breach of your lease agreement.

For insurance reasons and for your protection, ALL common areas, including the garage, may not be used as recreational areas. Biking, skating, boarding and/or rollerblading are not permitted in the parking lot, garage or other common areas.  Management may restrict recreational activities and play areas to portions of the community that do not disturb other residents, or are not unreasonably close to occupied units, or to otherwise protect the property’s landscaping and grounds.

Residents may not post any signs or notices, or solicit any other resident of the property or management agents, without management’s prior written consent.  Some communities may provide a community notice board for general resident information, but any sign or notice placed on a community board may require management’s advance consent and approval.  Any notice boards are the property of management and management has the sole discretion to remove any sign or notice placed on a community notice board.  Except as required by state statute and election law access, door-to-door solicitors or salesmen are not allowed into the building under any circumstances.


In an effort to prevent any unauthorized persons on the property, we follow the guidelines below regarding trespass notices.

Management and law enforcement officers may question any person in any common area of any building or parking lot or any public area for any reason or for no reason. Persons questioned may be asked to show identification.  Any person who cannot show that they are a resident or a guest of a resident may be escorted off the property. Any person who is not a current resident who violates the lease agreement, resident handbook, or posted notices may be placed on management’s trespass list.  Management also reserves the right to exclude residents, visitors or guests if such guest is reasonably believed to pose a danger to the health, safety, morals, or quiet enjoyment of the property or employees.  A person that previously lived at the property, or was an unauthorized occupant or visitor, or a person where management is advised by local law enforcement officers to take action and to exclude such person, may be placed on management’s trespass list.  Any person who refuses to show identification or who falsely identifies themselves may also be placed on management’s trespass list. Persons who are on management's trespass list will be banned from the property.

If management has determined for any of the reasons shown above that a person should be excluded from the rental community, residents agree to and must cooperate with management to advise the trespassed person that the person is not welcome to visit or come to the rental property to see or visit resident, that such person is no longer welcome as a visitor or guest in resident’s unit, and to cooperate with and notify management if such person or visitor does come to the property or attempts to enter resident’s unit.  A failure by resident to cooperate with management to exclude persons that are on management’s trespass list will be considered a material violation of lease and other good cause for lease termination.

Persons who wish that their names be removed from the trespass list must provide a written request for this consideration. The regional property manager is the only person authorized to remove an individual's name from the trespass list. Such an approved authorization to be removed from the trespass list will be in writing; no verbal permission will be considered authorized or valid. The minimum active time on the trespass list will be six (6) months. At the end of the six (6) months and upon written notification that the person wishes to have their name removed from the trespass list, management will review the incident(s) that caused the person to be placed on the trespass list.  Depending on the nature of the incident and providing that the person has not violated the policy by coming onto the property during the previous six (6) months, management may grant written permission to remove person from the trespass list.

(1) If the person requesting to be removed from the trespass list is denied, he/she may request another review at the end of an additional three (3) month period.

(2) In cases where an individual was convicted of a felony crime, or where damage to the property resulted, or where another individual was caused bodily harm, the person will remain on the trespass list indefinitely.

(3) In an effort to accommodate residents who have relatives on the trespass list, the following shall apply:

a) If a resident wishes to have a relative who is on the trespass list present for a special occasion, the resident may contact management prior to the date of the occasion to request special permission be given for the person to be here at a set date and time. This permission will be in writing and no verbal permission shall be granted or valid.

b) If a person who is on the trespass list has a special need, such as a family emergency, to see a resident, that person may contact management to request permission to come onto the property. If such an emergency situation occurs after hours, they may contact a law enforcement officer who will then contact the regional property manager.

(4) When a person is placed on management’s trespass list, management will send a written notice of trespass advisory to all residents who may be an acquaintance of the person who is on the trespass list. If management later learns that the person on the trespass list visits other residents, management will send a written notice of trespass advisory to those residents also.

(5) Any resident who is notified that a person is on management’s trespass list and who then allows that person access to the resident’s unit, or any portion of the property, will have violated management’s trespass advisory. Violation of trespass advisory shall constitute material non-compliance with the terms of the lease and shall be a basis for termination of tenancy. It is understood and agreed that a single violation shall be a basis for termination of the lease.


Per Minnesota Statute: 211B.20, political candidates are allowed access to any multi-unit dwelling.  Please refer any potential candidates to the office prior to gaining access to the building.


In the event you are going to be gone for longer than ten days, please inform the management office of your absence and also place your newspaper and mail delivery on hold.  If you will be away during the winter months you are required to make sure that all of your windows are closed and enough heat is running in your apartment to maintain a temperature of at least 55 degrees.  This is necessary in order to prevent the pipes in your unit from freezing.  If you have a car parked in an outside parking lot while you are away during the winter months, you need to make arrangements with someone to move your vehicle in case it needs to be moved for snow removal after a snowfall.

Residents are responsible to make arrangements to have building postings and notices to apartment monitored that relate to the need to move vehicles in the parking area for snow removal or parking maintenance, or to receive other notices that might relate to repairs, inspections, or to allow access to the unit for repairs, maintenance, service, or extermination procedures.  Failure to give management notice of an extended absence, and to have someone available to monitor notices, is a breach of the lease.

Management will not allow entrance of any person not listed on your lease into your apartment for any reason without your written consent provided at least 24 hours in advance.

At subsidized properties, the lease requires that the leaseholder occupy the unit.  If a resident wishes to leave for more than 60 days (or for more than 180 days due to medical reasons), they must submit a move out notice and vacate their apartment.  


Friends and relatives are welcome!  However, you may not allow anyone to live with you without prior approval from management. Visitors are limited to no more than three days or nights in any ten-day period unless prior authorization from management has been obtained. If you want to have someone else move in with you, that person must first fill out an application at the management office. Management will screen the applicant in the same manner as any new applicant and reserves the right to reject the applicant for occupancy in accordance with the resident selection plan.

Out of courtesy for your neighbors and other residents, all visitors are required to abide by the house rules.  It is your responsibility to ensure that these rules are enforced.  A resident must accompany guests when using the common area amenities.  Loitering is not allowed in these areas.

Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests.  Failure by a resident’s guests to observe these rules could result in an adverse action against the resident ranging from a lease violation notice, eviction, or assessment of charges for loss or damages caused by the resident’s guests.


Smoking is not allowed in any common areas including the garage.  Residents and guests smoking in outdoor areas, or in their apartments, should be courteous of neighbors.  Concerns or complaints of secondhand smoke may result in non-renewal or eviction of the resident responsible for the smoke.  Some of our properties are smoke-free and do not allow smoking in any location at the property.  Please contact your property manager regarding the policy at your community.

ANIMALS/PETS (If Applicable)

Animal/pet policies vary by apartment community.  Please contact your property manager regarding the policy at your community.  With minor exceptions, such as small fish tanks, ownership of any animal requires prior written consent and meeting other animal requirements at the applicable rental community.  Residents are not permitted to bring animals to the property, or have visiting animals, without management’s prior written consent.

If you live in an apartment where animals/pets are permitted, you must notify the office to register your animal, compile and furnish any required paperwork, and pay any applicable pet deposits and/or pet fees.  You are responsible for supervising your animal, complying with any animal rules and the costs of any damages caused by your animal.  Any resident complaints of animal odors, noise, or other animal behavior that disturbs other residents will be grounds for management to ask you to get rid of your animal or be in breach of your lease and these house rules. Animals are not allowed in the common areas or grounds of the apartment community other than for entering and exiting the property and in designated areas on a leash.


Individual apartments and the apartment community are to be used exclusively for residential purposes.  All business and commercial uses are prohibited. 

Social and friendly gatherings of residents and their guests are welcome provided that such gatherings do not become boisterous, excessive, or generally objectionable to the other residents.  Please be considerate to your neighbors by keeping noise levels down at all times.  Residents should be conscious about noise in their unit from musical instruments, vibrations, sound systems, electronic gaming systems, television or other sources that might disturb the rights of other residents to peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

Residents are responsible for their guests’ and families’ actions and conduct at their apartment or in other common areas of the rental community.  Any guest or visitor that has caused a disturbance, violated any provision of the lease, resident handbook or posted rules, or been a source of disturbance or harassment to any other resident, staff member, or visitor of another resident, may be subject to a management-issued trespass action (see section above) and will not be permitted to return to the property or the resident’s unit.  If the number of guests and visitors is excessive in terms of total number or its tendency to disturb fellow residents, management may ask resident to restrict or limit the number of visitors.  Excessive traffic from visitors, visits at unusual hours, visits of short duration, or visitors who leave vehicles running in driveways or parking areas, or other unusual or excessive traffic patterns disturb other residents and constitute a violation of your lease and these house rules.


Residents and management are expected to treat one another with reasonable standards of civility and courtesy. Management is an equal opportunity, fair housing provider.  Any resident that makes statements that are harassing, rude, profane, or discriminatory, or engages in conduct or gestures that would be considered offensive or upsetting to other persons of reasonable sensitivity, or appear to be discriminatory based on any protected class status, are violating management’s policies of equal opportunity and fair housing.  Management staff and vendors are also entitled to work in an environment that is free from unreasonable confrontation, discourtesy, profanity or interruption of their duties.  Residents that violate these policies will be subject to lease enforcement action up to and including termination of breach of lease or non-renewal.


This apartment community is your home.  Please abide by the following policies to help maintain an attractive and safe environment for you, your household and your neighbors.


  • All entrance ways and hallways to the apartments must be kept clean and free of personal property.Fire safety rules prohibit placing boots, shoes, mats, etc. in the hallways or in front of apartment doors.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed in the common areas, including the garage.
  • Bulletin boards are available for postings.Management reserves the right to remove any items that do not meet our approval.
  • Plants should only use normal soil as potting soil, as fertilizers can be highly flammable and can be a source of spontaneous combustion caused by sunlight.Any plants on patios or balconies should have a tray or protection under the plant to prevent water seeping to lower patios or staining balcony and patio surfaces.
  • Balconies are to be kept clean and free of litter and may not be used as general storage.Only patio furniture and plants are allowed.
  • The use or storage of personal grills of any kind or outdoor cooking devices, such as camp stoves, turkey fryers, smokers, or similar, are prohibited in all areas of the property.Non-compliance with this policy can result in a $25.00 fine and termination of lease.Some of our communities do have property-owned grills available for all residents to use in designated areas of the property.
  • No device with any open flame, whether a torch, fire table, kerosene lamp, or other, is permitted on any patio or balcony.
  • Hanging clothes or other laundry on the balcony is prohibited.

No radio, TV, CB aerials, wires, or satellite dishes may be attached in or about the apartment or common areas.  Satellite dishes are subject to special rules and requirements.  See the management office before purchasing or installing any satellite dish and refer to your satellite dish addendum agreement.


  • The lawns should be kept clear of furniture, bicycles, toys and other personal property.
  • Kiddie pools must not be left outside when they are not being supervised by an adult.They can fill up with water and this can pose a hazard to young children at the property.
  • Bird feeders or feeding other outdoor animals is prohibited.
  • Trees, shrubbery and other landscaping materials are a vital and valuable part of the community grounds.You will be liable for damages or any mutilation that is done by any occupant of your apartment and/or your guests.
  • Flammable oils, fluids or materials, such as gasoline, kerosene, explosives, and any other materials deemed dangerous or hazardous shall not be brought into the premises, the building, or stored in any area including garages.