Building Amenities

Thies & Talle Management, Inc. has provided the residents with certain amenities.  Please note that these amenities are provided at the discretion of the management company.  Access may be limited, or hours of use may be changed, and amenities may be replaced or removed at any time for reasons of insurance, marketing, high cost, or at management’s sole discretion. Resident agrees and understands that the rental payment set forth in the lease is solely for the exclusive use and occupancy by resident of the apartment.  No part of the rental payment is for the use of community amenities or recreational facilities.  Suspension, interruption of use, changes in hours, or other partial or complete termination of any community amenity and/or recreational facility shall not be grounds for resident to reduce or deduct any amount from the rental payment due and owing under the lease.

COMMUNITY/PARTY ROOM (if applicable)

Contact the office if you wish to reserve this room.  Use of the community/party room is exclusively for residents wanting to use the room for social or familial purposes.  Residents may not invite members of the general public or use the community room for any public use.  The community room may not be used for any sale or business activity.  Residents will be responsible for all guests or persons visiting the room at the time it is reserved by resident.  Limits on the number of persons that may use the room may be in place at individual communities.  Individual communities may also have a community/party room rental agreement that needs to be signed as a condition for any rental.  The office will then provide you with information on using this amenity.  For most properties, there is a cleaning and damage deposit required that will be returned after the room has been inspected and left in a satisfactory condition.  Keys will be issued on the last business day prior to your scheduled event and should be returned after checking out.

Bottled alcohol is permitted; however kegs of beer are not allowed.  If there is any complaint, police call, or other disruption relating to the use of the room during a resident activity, Management reserves the right to immediately order resident to terminate the use of the room, and to require all guests to leave the premises.  The resident is responsible for the behavior and noise level of their gathering.

FITNESS ROOM (if applicable)

This room is open 24 hours a day; however, please remember that this room is located next to several apartments.  Individual apartment communities may have additional rules and requirements, or require a signed release or waiver, before the fitness room may be used.  Posted rules and requirements, including limits on use of equipment, must be observed.  Residents are advised to consult with their own healthcare advisors before undertaking any fitness or exercise activity.  No beverages other than water in unbreakable bottles are allowed in the fitness center.  Residents must wear proper workout attire, including proper footwear, when using the fitness room.  A resident over the age of 16 must accompany guests to this room.  Residents and guests use all equipment at their own risk and must observe the correct usage, instructions and any cautions for all equipment and facilities.  Please report any damaged equipment to the office as soon as possible.

SHOPPING CARTS  (if applicable)

These are provided for all residents and are not to be kept for any length of time in the apartments.  Failure to comply with this rule, or reports of any resident keeping a shopping cart in his/her apartment for any period of time longer than the time needed for actual use, may result in Management revoking any right or privilege for resident to use the shopping carts.  Please return them as soon as you have finished using them to the proper cart storage locations.  Do not leave them in elevators or hallways where they could obstruct access.  Shopping carts are to be used to assist residents in moving items to their units.  Persons should not be placed or transported in shopping carts and no person should play with the shopping carts. 

POOL/SAUNA/SPA (if applicable)

  • No food, snacks, or glass in these areas.
  • Beverages must be in unbreakable containers.Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • Two guests are allowed per apartment.
  • Residents must be with guests at all times.
  • Pool hours are posted and strictly enforced.
  • For safety and liability reasons, an adult must accompany people under the age of 14.
  • Proper swimwear intended for use in a pool, and safe for pool filters and equipment, is required for all ages.
  • Infants and toddlers must wear a tight fitting, properly designed, swim diaper or should not be permitted in any pool.
  • No person with any communicable disease, open sore, or incontinence should use the pool or any spa.
  • Additional rules and requirements may be posted in pool or recreational areas and must be followed.


All trash is to be placed in plastic bags and tied to prevent papers and other items from falling out.  No liquids or flammable or hazardous materials are allowed in the trash chutes or garbage containers.

Trash services are provided only for resident and resident’s household.  Resident may not dispose of any oversized items, including furniture, without written permission and may be required to pay additional charges.  Refuse receptacles may not be used by any person other than resident and resident’s household.  Resident may not dispose of any hazardous materials or products.  For privacy, sanitation and security purposes, no resident or person may look through or remove any items from the recycling or trash areas. 

Recycling containers are located in the trash room.  Remove items from brown paper or plastic bags prior to placing in containers.  Cardboard boxes are to be broken down.  Please notify the office if you need to dispose of large items such as beds, mattresses, etc.